Lightning Network Audits & Reporting

Audit and Observability Solutions for the Bitcoin Lightning Network.
Bitcoin and the Lightning Network

Save Time

How much is your time worth? No more scraping explorers to verify specific channels or Lightning Network node data.

Reduce Manual Work

Get instant third party reporting and network audit details on everything required to track node activity over a given period.

Enhanced Research

What are other nodes doing? All network data, and channel activity throughout a period (on any node) is consolidated and available as a CSV export to your systems.
How Much Capital is Deployed on the Lightning Network?

Where is Capital Allocated Across Nodes?
Bitcoin and the Lightning Network

Auditing Capital Deployed on a Lightning Network Node

Data & Reporting

Third Party Deterministic Data

  • The Lightning Network is not a blockchain - it requires specific reporting solutions for deterministic network data.
  • Set custom audit and reporting periods for exportable network and capital allocation data.
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Analytics & Research

Network Analysis & Research

  • Visualize and observe overall network data and growth rates
  • What are my peers doing? Perform competitor and peer analysis
  • Analyze historical data on nodes across the network
Analyze the Lightning Network
Data Services

Audit Data Archive & Export

  • Your audit data - delivered to your systems.
  • All audit reports and the underlying data are archived and exportable - no more scraping explorers to get channel data. Bitcoin blockchain transactions are included by default.
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